Our caring and extensively trained early years educators to guide our early learners through play-based activities and learning adventures that help them acquire vital skills they need to thrive as learners.

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We support a child’s initial steps toward a brighter future by imparting them with advanced learning skills.



Edify offers opportunities for a play-based curriculum to help your little ones to attune themselves to emotional and creative aspects of learning.


Through play, little ones at Edify Kids, children make and test their theories of the world, and our facilitators are trained to encourage students to develop their ideas and take learning further.

Play school Admission Open in Kankarbagh

Edify strives for continuous improvement of its quality of education by Constant emphasis on a rich library for reference and reading is available to all the students. Children are active participants in creating their own environment. In addition with this Edify conduct regular academic meets/updates/ audits to ensure best practices/high Standards Progress reports to analyse feedback, shortcomings/weaknesses of the student. Schedule a visit to our campus and connect with us to avail best facilities for your child. If you are looking for the best playschool in Patna, visit Play school admission open In Kankarbagh.

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Edify Kids firmly believes that children learn best when their capacity to make decisions about what, how, and why they learn is understood and valued. Children’s agency-their voices, choices, and sense of ownership are honoured and celebrated in our classrooms and learning spaces.Get your child admitted in one of the best Pre school admission In Kankarbagh. Our educators understand that learning does not begin or end in isolation in the classroom- its influence and implications are far-reaching and have the potential to have real-world impacts.  Our classroom explorations regularly inspire our young learners to take action in the wider world.

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We offer reading and writing sessions to glint your child’s imagination and kindle curiosity.


Our eminent Math and Science sessions encourage the kids to explore every aspects of technology.


Creativity is the ability to think outside the proverbial box we promote the thought by imparting incredible art sessions.

Critical Thinking

To visualize the world around them and to ask the right questions we facilitate our kids with prominent critical thinking classes.

Play school Admission Open in Kankarbagh
What is the Teacher Student Ratio?

All classrooms have a certified youth instructor heading the class and an accomplished colleague educator. Notwithstanding these two essential instructors, we have floaters that “float” from one study hall to another when there is a requirement for extra assistance. At our classrooms our experienced teachers strive to impart quality to meet the necessities of all the requirements of the class.

How do you cater to Individualized Learning?

We foster your child with a personalized learning approach with imparting quality education. Being a top-notch organization we are committed to deliver top-quality education to bring out positive outcomes for the students. Along with this our teachers give sufficient time to each and every student in the classroom and cater to quality education.

Will my child learn to read in kindergarten?

Edify Kids encourage child’s natural desire to learn. Our highly qualified facilitators are readily available to immerse a literacy-rich environment for the child to learn new skills. Along with this they also provide endless opportunities to help each and every child to grow tremendously by developing advanced literacy expertise.

What kind of education and safety training do your teachers have?

We have a team of highly qualified and trained educators to enrich your child with quality education. Edify Kids prides itself on being at the forefront of international education in the early years of a child’s life. It provides an optimal environment for learning and teaching.

What philosophy or curriculum do you adhere to?

The school is one of its kind with the best curriculum and optimum teacher-student ratio. We have opted for an approachable curriculum that inspires students by discovering the joy of learning social skills and academic lessons. The students are given independent hand on internship experience throughout the year. They are given adequate knowledge of: ‘world curriculum’,’3c curriculum’, Inquiry Module, Play way Methods’.

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

We completely comprehend that toilet learning is a process that we are readily available to partner with your child to learn the steps of toilet learning.  Those children who are 1.5 to 3 years old and are enrolling in our school we have a diaper changing area and dedicated caretakers to change the diapers from time to time. Along with this, our instructors help your child with toilet learning.


What Our Families are Saying

Parent of Roshni IK-I

Edify Kids have transformed the education delivery system. Ever since I have associated my child with Edify Kids, I find a lot of day-day learning practice in him. The conceptualization of lessons in his books helps him understand the topic in-depth. A great place to build the foundation for any child.

Parent of Rahul IK-III

There are various reasons I chose Edify Kids. The first one is the curriculum, curriculum here is innovative as well as engaging. It teaches children what is needed in a real-life scenario. Children are assessed here with their concept understanding rather than mugged up answers. The second and most important one is the faculty, the teachers here are wonderful. They always come up with innovative teaching techniques which make the classroom environment interactive and student-centric. The infra-structural facilities are very inviting and helpful for a child's holistic growth in their early years.

Parent of Bhavana IK-I

Having concentration on the academic aspect, Edity Kids also takes care in stimulating the overall development of the child. With the well- developed infrastructural facilities like splash Pool, Sandpit, etc. children enjoy the early years of their schooling. It is amazing for me and my child to be a part of Edify Kids.

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Edify Kids, T-565, Housing Colony, Lohiya Nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna - 800020